When we started to design this website, we tried to stay away from the stock NASA photos that everyone has seen a thousand times. The call was put out to the collector community through CollectSpace.Com for non-mainstream photos. The response was overwhelming. While it would be impossible to thank everyone who sent in their photos, we must give special mention to Farthest Reaches™, Apogee Books, Spacecraft Films, Mike Joner, Larry McGlynn, Tracy Kornfeld, Ray Holt, Bruce Moody, Dana Holland, Ed Hengeveld, and the rest of the space enthusiasts who gave early and often. Thank you so much. These photos are copyright by their individual owners and should not be reproduced or retransmitted without their express consent.

This web site was created before the advent of social media. Wally was concerned with the mass wholesale/reprint of items from this web site. Some of this does not apply today. All we ask is that if you want to reprint a photo within social media to please add a link to where you found the photo. However, we also would appreciate your asking for reprint permission should any content from this web site end up in any type of print media, or on TV or film.

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